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Attorney Nathan Soufeh has years of experience defending clients in traffic ticket and violation cases throughout Nassau County, New York.  Receiving a traffic ticket is a frustrating experience.  From the initial stop to the disposition of the case, the time consuming, expensive and sometimes mysterious process can have a negative impact on your life.  The direct penalties for traffic violations can include fines and even jail time.  Indirectly, a conviction for a traffic violation can affect your driving privileges, cause your insurance premiums to increase and affect your job.  In order to have the best chance of avoiding these direct and indirect consequences it is important to retain a qualified attorney to defend you in your case.

There are many varieties of traffic offenses.  Low grade traffic infractions include such things as parking and expired registration or insurance offenses.  The more serious moving violation is an infraction committed while the vehicle is in motion, such as speeding, failure to stop at a red light or stop sign and using a cell phone while driving.  Nathan Soufeh zealously defends clients who have been accused of traffic infractions and moving violations, including but not limited to:

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law §511 
• Driving with suspended license
• Operation while license or privilege is suspended or revoked
• Aggravated or unlicensed operation

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law §1180 (A)-(G)
• Speeding
• Basic rule and maximum limits

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law §1225-c
• Using your cell phone while driving
• Use of mobile telephones

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law §1172
• Failure to stop or yield
• Stop signs and yield signs

Nathan Soufeh regularly represents clients in the following venues:

Nassau County Traffic Court
16 Cooper Street
Hempstead, New York 10034

East Hills Village Court
209 Harbor Hill Road
East Hills, New York 11576

North Hills Village Court
One Shelter Rock Road
North Hills, New York 11576

Malverne Village Court
99 Church Street
Malverne, New York 11565

Lynbrook Village Court
One Columbus Drive
Lynbrook, New York 11563

If you have received a traffic ticket or have been accused of a traffic infraction or moving violation, contact the Law Offices of Nathan Soufeh for a case evaluation and consultation today.  Call us at (516)330-1588.

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